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OMG ! DJ, I have been away for a couple of weeks and come back to see this gorgeous journal. I am at Awe ! Love the concept, love the way you always inspire me. I for thank, I am eternally grateful! Happy Holidays !

Tricia Leng

These are just exquisite. They make my heart smile. I wish I could make something like one of these. You are very talented and have such a great eye as to how to pull all of these things together in such a beautiful way!


This is just beautiful DJ! I hope when you start your online class you will teach us a little bit of this magic!


awesome! love the buttons on the front of the goose one. love the goose painted photo.


Wow, beautiful altered books!

Renee Troy

So awesome! You inspire me...
Happy Holidays!

Debi Minter

These are lovely! I especially like the goose one. NO! I think it's the Angel one... nope, it's the goose. I guess I love them both!

;~) Debi


omg so so beautiful.. are these avail for sale?


Absolutely beautiful!

Jen Crossley

Really Stunningly beautiful work

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