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Thank you everyone for such kind words!

Carol, I use different papers, but on this one, I used Wausau Paper- Exact Vellum Bristol #82213. It’s a 67 pound journal paper, and comes 11”x17”.

Bonnie, I haven't opened my etsy shop up yet. As I continue to feel better, I hope to to do that. Until then, when someone is interested in something that I post, they usually email and ask if they can purchase it.

Eileen, I'll be in New Jersey Aug 26 and 27, 2011. It will be a book/journal class hosted by Kecia Deveney. Hope that helps!


I know they're not edible but my mouth waters just looking at them. Your journals are just incredible! Thank you for sharing them. When can you teach on the east coast?

Carol Weiler

Absolutely beautiful! I just want to reach in and touch it. Do you mind if I ask what kind of paper do you use for the signatures?


The journal is beautiful!


superbe réalisation. Bravo et merci de nous faire participer.

Caryl Park

SMILE smile smile :o)


oh this is amazing!!!


so so beautiful.. where are they avail to purchase?

Sherry Ball Schoenfeldt

I am so in awe each time I see your journals. Not only are the photos sublime, but the way you take little scraps of this and little snippets of that and stich them together amazes me.
Thanks for sharing ~ Sherry

Jen Crossley

Just so beautiful DJ

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