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Teaching Update

  • September, 2014
    Due to my sweet husband's health issues, I've had to cancel all workshops through 2015. I need to be home to care for him, but as he gets stronger, I hope to be able to work on an online workshop. When that happens, I'll post details here, on Facebook, and send out a newsletter.

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Gunnel Svensson

Oh, this is so beautiful ! I love it !!!!

Peggy Krantz

Seeing these beautiful images made me get up from the computer, make a fabric art card for my friend who has cancer and is at a treatment center. it helped me so much to quit worrying about her and make something beautiful inspired by your lovely images. do you have any idea of the people you have blessed by the works of your own hand?


This is so beautiful - as usual- I am in the UK and DESPERATE for your online class:)

Cheryl Dolby

This is glorious. That was the adjective that popped into my mind instantly when I saw this amazingly beautiful book..glorious.


What a lovely book- I wish I could join your workshop!


This is so much love put into everything you do.

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