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Susan (Sanna) Burgess

He's mad at you DJ! Maybe you came to close to his space invaded to close to where his babies are? Or maybe he just don't like the paperazie!!! hehehe Awesome shots! You never cease to amaze me gf! Sanna

Elizabeth Woodford

Fabulous timing on your part!! We never would have known that birds can be "two year olds " too!!!


love it!


Oh my Goodness DJ... these pictures are AWESOME!!! I LOVE your Pictures!!!

Thinking of ya,

Tammy M

bahhahaha! this is awesome! he's totally having a fit. Doesn't it even look like a big frown on his face. haha! this is so great DJ. Thanks for giving me a great giggle today! hope your week is full of blessings and more great photo opps! Tam

Joanne Thime Huffman

That sure looks like one angry bird! Great photos. I'm sure I'll be seeing him on one of your book covers in the future.

Marty Mason

Yep...I think your interpretation that we have a bit of a tantrum going on here is right-on! Too cute -


that's a riot. my what u captured!

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