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Teaching Update

  • September, 2014
    Due to my sweet husband's health issues, I've had to cancel all workshops through 2015. I need to be home to care for him, but as he gets stronger, I hope to be able to work on an online workshop. When that happens, I'll post details here, on Facebook, and send out a newsletter.

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I just love this post.

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AMAZING photo! I love love love this tree! I LOVE this color! You the best! Good job! )))

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Wow, your pic amazing! I love color on this photo! Flower very nice)

peggy gatto

thank you for these glorious reminders!


Thank you for making this site very interesting! Keep going! You're doing very well!


Always enjoy visiting your blog to see your beautiful photography. Once again, you do not disappoint. Autumn is my favourite time of the year, warm sunny days and cool nights.


What a beautiful post. The photographs are amazing & the Tony Johnston poem. Lovely, I can't wait for the cold.

Joy Logan

Your photography as well as your art is so wonderful...loved watching the progress thru the years. (love the photo of you as well,I hide behind a collage of me now,lol)

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Interesting! information! thanks a for sharing!


Thank you everyone!
Gina, my camera is a Canon 7d, and the main two lenses that I use are a 100mm macro and a 100-400 zoom, both in the L series. For landscapes I use an 18-50mm.

wanda miller

thank YOU for a little HEAVEN on EARTH! XOXO

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it is great! really liked it!

RH West

such beautiful photo's and great processing too :)

gina armfield

I just love your photography - it is stunning! Could I ask what lens and camera body you use?


Beautiful, DJ. Hugs.

Marrianna Dougherty

DJ: As always, I thoroughly enjoy your photos and your blog entries. I'm taking an ecourse with Terry Becker called BLOGGING YOUR WAY. I get to list 5 of my favorite blogs and also 5 blogs that I would like to imitate. Guess who is at the top of my list? Right! Every since I bought my first DJ Pettitt book at Art Unraveled several years ago, I have loved your work, your style, your quiet gentleness, and your energy. Thank you for being the brilliant and authentic artist that I cherish and look up to.

Elizabeth Woodford

I am right there with you Dj!! I adore autumn but do not look forward to the loss of light! I will cherish the crisp air and deep blue skys and watch the monarchs make their way south, pick the mums and spread the compost on my flower beds, knowing that I have your glorious photos of winter to help get me thru drying the muddy paws and the cold wet winter days!! Hugs!

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