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Teaching Update

  • September, 2014
    Due to my sweet husband's health issues, I've had to cancel all workshops through 2015. I need to be home to care for him, but as he gets stronger, I hope to be able to work on an online workshop. When that happens, I'll post details here, on Facebook, and send out a newsletter.

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Pat P

Thanks for sharing all the photos. The birds there just take my breath away!!

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Natürlich alle Vögel sind wunderbar, aber ich dachte, die Cape Barren Goose war das Beste, mit dem grünen Schnabel, dem orangefarbenen Augen und der rosa Beinen. Er wurde seiner allerbesten Seite zeigt! Was für eine wunderbare Reise, die Sie gehabt!

Bevlea Ross

gorgeous photos DJ.. you make our country look so good!! :-)

Glenda Laing

Fabulous photos DJ. Now, Lucy with a camera, this I have to see LOL. I am glad that you got to enjoy some tourist time while down here too.
Looking forward to your next visit :-)


Of course all the birds are wonderful but I thought the Cape Barren Goose was the best with the green beak, the orange eye and the pink legs. He was strutting his stuff! What a wonderful trip you had!

joanne thieme huffman

Beautiful bird shots. I'm loving seeing your Australian photos and reading about your adventures.

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