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Willemina van Riel

Would you like to do a workshop in Wanaka new Zealand ? I have a sweet wee cottage next to my house that you could stay in I coulod show you around and there are lots of nosy little visitors like quail and fantails in our garden Please email me if you are keen.
I stumbled upon your site after my dearest friend died (last week) I was looking for pictures of birds nests I feel like she guided me to you as we always crafted together and made little books she would have squealed with delight had she lived to see your site.
I am on FB if you would like to befriend me if you really would like to consider new Zealand.
Besides i would love to thank you personally for lifting my sadness with your lovely creativity


Martha Richardson

Thank you for sharing these gorgeous picture of this gorgeous country and my good friend Louise Nelson!

Bevlea Ross

loved the post... soooo enjoyed our time together.. your arty talents and photography always humbles me


Wow, simply wow! What a wonderful adventure, thanks for sharing!

joanne thieme huffman

Amazing and beautiful photos. Your students' work is terrific. The photos of Australia are such great images - as always, I am so impressed with your eye for the perfect photo.

Sharon Tomlinson

Thanks DJ, I always enjoy seeing students work and your photos of your adventure are breathtaking.


Thank you Laurie and Candida!

OHHHH Lucy!!! Bevlea told me we had won you over! I was dying laughing remembering how adamant you were that you would NOT cross over to the dark side :-) and join the clickers. I've meant to write you and tell you how excited I am that you are now click click clicking! :-) We will corrupt you as fast as we can.... SO excited to see you guys again when I return in 2015!!


Wonderful pictures DJ of Australian wildlife, Montsalvat etc!
Of course, I just ADORE the pic of my doggie Otis!
It was such a pleasure having you here in Australia & in my home!
You are the perfect guest!
Remember "mi Cassa, sou Cassa"!
So looking forward to your return where I can show you my new Canon camera......
Yes, I have joined the CLICKERS!LOLOL!
Hugs Lucy(& Otis)!


wow, that one word, wow...tells it all, thank you for sharing!!!


Wow! What a beautiful place! Your pictures are stunning... and it is so nice to see the proud happy faces of your students. It would be a dream come true to be in one of these classes... :)

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