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Coral Smith

DJ, I'm another one who would love to do an online course with you. Love your work!

Bernie Abbott

DJ, Oh these are so yummy! For those of us who cannot attend your classes are you looking at doing an online class. I just love this technique but do not even know where to begin. Please, please I would be happy to pay to add this to my list of "lovelies". Bernie in Aus

wanda miller

OH so loverly!!!

Kim Palmer

It seems we all have the same ideas! The first thought I had was "Can you do this as an online course?" Living in Oz it's a bit hard to get to a workshop! Lovely work DJ. What a gorgeous cover this will make!


Your things are SO lovely. Are you planning an online course for the techniques that you are teaching at An Artful Journey? It would be SO fab!

Caryl Park

DJ I wish I could get to the course! Please can you teach me the techniques anyway I would be happy to pay the same amount.

I love it.

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