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Your photos are absolutely magnificent!

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You really have great eyes for beautiful thing.
I was so mesmerized by those photos.

Elizabeth Woodford

You ahve learned well!!! You ahve some stunning shots here and what is wrong with bee bottoms????? Everyone loves bee barf after all!! i'm just sayin'.......

Kristeena Crabb

These are incredible! I think my favorite must be the one with the lady bug. How lucky for you that she ran by when she did!


Beautiful and awesome photos! A remote shutter release would help a little. I'm with you there about sharpening the photos. I think there is a setting on the camera to make it do some of the work but I never seem to go looking for it.


It's fantastic ...


DJ, you are doing marvelous things with your new camera.


OH and one more thing I forgot to mention... these shots have all been cropped. Some very little, some quite a lot. All were taken between 12 inches and about 5 feet away.


Thanks everyone!
Debbie L, It's a Canon 7D. Other than it weighs a lot, I really love it!

Debbie K, YES Our creator is amazing isn't He?

Caryl, I responded to your comment on FB but didn't add the settings that I used, so I'll add them here.

I didn't use a tripod, but I'm looking at a new head for mine that will swivel, which should really help.

We have an apple tree with branches low enough to the ground that I can use a 100 mm lens and sit in a lawn chair under the tree while using the chair arms to brace my arms.

Most of the shots taken in the shade were set at ISO 500 (very little noise), between 1/1600 and 1/3200 seconds, and between f/5.6 and f/8. The ones taken in the sun were at 200 ISO, with similar shutter speeds and f/stops. They were all raw files with white balance set at sun and shade. I used evaluative metering.

The other thing that helps is that the camera and the lens both have image stabilization.

However, I still can't get the bee in focus when it takes off, even when I sit there with the camera focused and waiting for him to fly. The only way that I managed to get a few that were sort of in focus, is to set it on fast continuous shooting so it shoots 8 frames per second! I took TONS of photos and tossed several hundred that were blurry.

And last, I sharpened them all in Photoshop. I have to sharpen almost everything in PS. Even pressing the shutter when using a tripod can cause a soft focus. I don't know if a remote shutter release would be beneficial with this type of shooting or not. I think I'll research it and see.

Oh, and the most important thing is patience! I sat there for over an hour holding the camera out in front of me. My arms and shoulders are still sore!

Bevlea Ross

love the pics DJ.. I salute the master vbg

Jen Crossley

These are amazing Photos I dont know how you do it


So beautifully done DJ!!! Congrats on the gorgeous captures.

Caryl Park

DJ... you really are a master! Your work is incredible. Please tell me what settings you were using, what lens, was this a zoom lens and if so what size zoom. I am flabergasted at what only you can produce.. I lOVE THESE. Pls don't forget to send me your address.

Debbie L

Wow! What amazing pics these are!! Which camera are you using? I know its a new one.

Debbie Keady

Thank you for answering my question about the pen! I do have a Pitt pen! Thanks! Your photos are just gorgeous! What a great Creator we have! :O)

Janet Ghio

Amazing photos!!

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