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Randi Nervig

I never saw a purple cow
I never hope to see one!
But this I'll tell you any how:
I'd rather see than be one!

This is how I've always heard the doggeral.

Kelly Warren

These are all beautiful, DJ. I especially love the first one and that deep purple close up. You know how I love bright, happy colors! :-)


Beth, I just posted a mini tutorial on that technique.

Cheryl Dolby

Your photos are great. I love the purple plant with the dew drop.


Never get tired of seeing your photos! You have such a great eye and love to see what I can absorb about what to frame when photographing. And thanks for sharing your tip on scanning the backs of old photos :-)


I always have a delightful visit to your blog, your photos are amazing!

joanne thieme huffman

No, I am not, and will not be, tired of your photos.



Gorgeous as ever. Can you share the secret of the effect you used to make that stunning cream on cream card (the sixth photo down)? It would make a beautiful velvety greetings card



Your photos are just stunning!!


whoops, I meant the back of old photos (the kind on heavy card) not postcards. Usually the back of old photos on the heavier board or paper have that soft sepia tone with lots of nice scratches and wear.
You're welcome Debbie!

Debbue L

Thanks DJ for that info!


Thanks Debbie,
I scan old photos and remove the photo in photoshop to end up with a frame, then place it on top of my photo and resize it to fit.
You can also scan the back of old postcards, old book covers, or any old paper that looks vintage, and then place your image on top of it. Have fun!

Debbie L

Love your pics! And that cool border ... how do you do that?


Never tired of these lovely images1

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