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wouawww ouuuuuuu so good, so nice, so gorgous, so pretty, so so so so
I adore macro too, and I have never been able to take so nice as you do...I have my old rebel canon, I know I have to change it soon...I will buy the same than you...You seem to like it so much!!!

Elizabeth Woodford

Someone is really loving her new camera!!! :) Gorgeous photos as always Dj!!

Linda Cain

Gorgeous shots! I love flowers and dew drops.

Paula H.

WOW DJ they are amazing. The green horizontal one with the rain drops on it looks like a crocodile to me. These are beautiful. Thanks for sharing!!!


Your dew drops are mesmerizing. Love the ones on the iris.


hello DJ

when I see your wonderful photography I think i'm in a dream... a lovely dream, with beauty nature!
thank for your most beautiful photo


Beautiful pictures DJ!!


Thanks for the beauty you show that surrounds all of us. Sometimes we forget and if only we'd look and see it's just in our own backyards.


Thanks to everyone for the kind words about my photos! You make my day :-)

Maggi, I'm happy to share any camera info that will help. It's a Canon 7D, and other than being heavy, I love everything about it. Oh wait, one other thing I don't like is the shutter seems loud when it clicks. I even have it set to the silent mode but it still seems pretty loud to me. The rest is heaven...

Laurie, since getting a macro lens, I'm obsessed with water drops! I was trying to get sun stars, but only managed a few small ones. Not sure how get big ones, but I'll keep trying.

Julie Broom

These are some of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen. You are a truly gifted lady.


magnificent photos...truly beautiful


Such beautiful photos. Are you allowed to say what camera you use?


Good Morning DJ, your water dropplets are wonderful. Are you using your new macro? We are having rain in So. Cal. they warn everyone to drive carefully, because they dont know how to drive in rain, pretty funny. Yesterday was just a little bit misty...californians pull out their umbrellas...scared of a little mist.lol.

joanne thieme huffman


Cheryl Dolby

Your photography is amazing. I know I've commented like this before but I am in awe of the way you capture the dew/rain drops on your flowers. I only photograph anything so that I can post it with reasonably good results. You are truly gifted to be able to bring nature to life the way that you do.

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