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Christi C.

I really like the "try to stop laughing" part because that is e-x-a-c-t-l-y what happens to me when I try to photog-my-dawg in these situations! Such great pikies!!

Diana Trout

Great shots! I'll bet your arm was hurting. She's so cute.

Elizabeth Woodford

I dare to say taht if you had not been sharing all of your wonderful shots of Ms T and her sparkling personality, we would not all be so in love with her!!!!
You HAVE to be coordinated to even get a shot off amidst the laughter and joy that Ms T creates!!!!
Love these shots!!!!!


okay girl you should win an award for multi tasking! Once again I am captivated by Tulla's personality and zest for life, wonderful shots, some of the best action shots I've seen, so glad you made the effort :-)

Kelly Warren

awesome shots! that is superb juggling talent you both have. :-)

Marty Mason

Well worth the effort I say. These three shots are wonderful of the lady.

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