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Sue M

I can't wait until the online classes start!!!

Jo Wholohan

just beautiful dj, so excited to see you returning to oz, cant wait!!!! xx

Katie Struckhoff

Your sparrow photo is absolutely stunning!
I hope you have a great time on your adventure!

Elizabeth Woodford

These students are in for a big treat!!!! have a wonderful time and a great trip. I love to drive and stop wherever I want to - take it over flying any day- except perhaps to OZ!!!!! Be Safe!

Joy Logan

Lovely piece of your niece...drive safely


I'm so excited to see this particular post. I've just retired and for the first time, clicked on the Artful Journey link. I was just curious about the location and was floored to see that it is in the Santa Cruz mountains. I can DO that. I immediately signed on to the mailing list so I can find classes and do some long range planning.

The other reason this post was so interesting is I had thought about printing some of my own photos on fabric and altering them. And, here it is - and entire class devoted to that idea. I can't make this class but I'll be sure to look for others or perhaps a book you have created???? on the subject.


Hi Beth, last I heard there were 2 spots left. You can go to Cindy's site and read general info about the retreat and venue, as well as the other instructors: http://www.anartfuljourney.com/
and directly to my class info here: http://www.anartfuljourney.com/retreats/jul2010/djpettitt.html
Email myself or Cindy if you have any questions. Her site is very well organized and things are easy to find.
Hope to see you there!


Hi DJ, are there any spaces in your class in Italy? Please can you share the info so I can look into it? What a dream that would be...
Looks like the AAJ folks are in for another treat


Hi Maggi, I'm teaching in Italy in May 2011, but that's as close as I'll be for now. I'm so excited about it! There's a link up in the left corner of my blog if you would like to check it out!


I hope your journey and your retreat both go well. Love the fact that you have included the English Sparrows - any chance that you will be teaching over here in the UK at any time?

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