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Elise B.

Hi DJ,

I want to take your class...please add me to your list if you have a list. I signed up for your newsletters but I have not received any so I want to be sure I am included.

Thank you for the texture photos too!

Will you be teaching Photoshop again soon? I just bought Photoshop Elements 8 but am clueless...I will be teaching myself until I find a good class!



Char DeRouin

DJ - Can't stop drooling. Count me in. Miss you. . .xoxo, Char


I've been away from your blog for much too long. But my move in now complete (well, except for the un-packing) and I'm looking forward to finding some time to backtrack through your lucious postings. Can't wait to hear more about this on-line class.


Thank you everyone for the kind words and well wishes, and for the compliments on the book! I'm feeling a bit better, it's just way too slow, but I'm trying to be patient and rest.

Several people have asked about a supply list, and I will get that posted as soon as I can.

Jan, you asked about the information being left up longer than 4 weeks. You will definitely have extra time with access to the information. I don't have all the details worked out yet, but you will have at least a few weeks extra. I'm also very good about responding quickly to questions and won't leave you stranded :-)

Gail, you are correct about the mailing list. You will receive all the info if you are on the mailing list, and I will also post here, on my site, and on facebook. I'll put a link on the side of this blog too, as well as create a web page with all the info.

Maria, the pages could be for anything you like. They could be used for journalling, scrapbooking, collage... anything you want. I'll show you how I create them, including painting, adding texture, transparencies, fabric, lace, paper and images.

Hope that helps! I'll keep you posted!


That is one fabulous book! I love all the details. Are the pages for art work later, or something done during class? Thanks.

Elena Nosyreva

Hope you are feeling better.

The book is absolutely gorgeous! Looking forward to learn all the secrets.
If it is possible, could you please release the supply list?



That looks awesome, I love how the twigs are framed on the front cover by the lace.


First, I am hoping that by now you are feeling better! Then, as always, you art leaves me speachless. So beautiful. I can't wait to sign up ! THis will be just what I need right now! KIND REGARDS, Olga


I hope we share after the 4 weeks is finished too because I will need extra time to absorb this goodness.




Beautiful work!
The class should be just as awesome!
Hope you feel better soon;-)


I'm looking forward to it DJ!

Lynn Fisher

SO Stunning!!!

Bernie Abbott

Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait. Your work is made with so much love and attention to detail!!


If we are on your mailing list will we get a notice when this online class starts? I simply don't want to miss this!!! Thanks!

Sue Simpson

the book brings tears to my eyes. your work is so pure, so inviting, just beautiful. i am excited to hear you will be doing an online class. can't wait to see when. wishing you the best....thanks so much for sharing yourself.


Wow!!! this book is absolutely stunning. So impressed with the richness of it all and it's tactility.


Very excited for the class- your book is unbelievably beautiful!


I'm excited about the class. Maybe it will be the nudge I need to finish the book I worked on at Art and Soul in Portland. I hope you will do a video showing how you go about your decoritive machine stitching. That was one area you didn't have time to show us in class. Hope you are doing better!!


This book is incredibly beautiful. I cannot imagine learning all the techniques in four weeks. I do hope you'll keep it open for students longer than that for those of us who are slow learners :-). Could you release the supply list (even if it's not completed)? I want to begin to "hunt and gather" in anticipation.

Elizabeth Woodford

Doing the happy dance!!!!! Incredible book, simple amazing !!! Get yourself feeling better so you can enjoy the rest of the prep!!! We want you healthy and happy first!! Can't wait, however!!:)

Margaret Applin

OMGGGGG!!! This book is BREATHTAKING!!! Can't wait for the class!!


What gorgeous book. I can't wait for the class. It will be such fun and I bet, tons of new techniques. I'm waiting....


Your work is beautiful! I am looking forward to this class!


This is gorgeous, D.J., and such an inspiration. Can't wait to take this class and learn from you. I hope you feel better soon. Take care of yourself - that's the important thing right now.


Absolutely stunning! I am also beyond excited but quite scared in case it's more than I can handle!!!

I hope you are feeling much better soon.


i am excited too!


I can hardly wait for this class!! You are such an excellent teacher and such a generous person. Hope you are feeling better.




Wowww amazing!! What a gorgeous book!!

Stephanie T.

been saving my bits and bobs in anticipation for your class...can't wait!!


Ditto on all the above - Amazing, beautiful, breath-taking!!!

jodi ohl

Amazing---just beautiful work DJ!

Jen Crossley

THis is just breath taking DJ


beyond excited about this class and this beauty of an art book.

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