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Hello DJ
Your book looks divine and I would love to take your class.

But don't overdue things while you're feeling a little low - your health and energy levels deserve priority.

With caring and prayers


Oh DJ, I feel so bad that you are not feeling well. Please take care, enjoy your pooch! Your book is beautiful as always.
Take care my friend.

peggy mcdevitt

Your book is adorable like usual. I am a avid blog follower and I'm sorry about your health issues, I have some of my own and understand about the energy thing. Be better and can't wait for your class. Peggy


The book looks beautiful! I've never taken one of your classes (or any on-line class, for that matter), but would really like to take this one. All good wishes as you get better.

lorraine lewis

I am looking forward to taking your book class- It is so pretty. I love the soft colors.

I hope you will feel well soon. Take care and enjoy these fleeting days of summer.


Hope you feel better soon. The book is beautiful- can't wait to hear details about the class.

Margaret Applin

DJ - this book is mouth watering!!! I hope you are feeling better - get healthy! Can't wait for the class!!

Linda Vincent

What a beautiful example! I can't wait for this class....
Hope you'll soon be feeling much better.
Linda x

Leilani Pierson

so sorry to hear of the fatigue... praying for rest and recovery quickly... and also soo excited about the upcoming class.. the book looks divine, as always!! ;) xoxo


Wow, can't wait for the class to start, the book is beautiful! I hope you are feeling better soon.


Stunningly beautiful as always. Where you find the amazing lace and fabrics is beyond me.
Do take care of yourself and be restored to full health soon


It looks precious! Thankyou for creating something so beautiful to teach us.

Jo Wholohan

feel better dj, this book is just gorgeous, look forward to your class xx


Hope you're feeling better soon DJ. Always an inspiration to visit your blog.

wanda miller

take good care sweet woman..you are in my prayers and very good thoughts. love, wanda


Hello luvie......well, isn't this just a gorgeous piece of soothing eye candy?! Three pounds?! holy moly. Paper and fabric I imagine. Well, I look forward to seeing more of it.

Sad to hear you are facing some health issues..I know how they can lay you low. Take real good care......nothing is more important.

much love - xox Rella

Sherry Green Peck

This is scrumptious! I have never taken a journal class, but sure am thinking about it....I have been looking at your art, journals for a long time and it may be time to jump in!!....now that I have learned the digital stuff you taught us. Now...just a note on your thyroid meds....I don't know if you have had surgery recently, but when I had my gall bladder out four? years ago....they FORGOT to check my thyroid levels afterwards....and unknowingly I was overdosing myself for almost a month or so....they kept saying my trembly and shakeyness was nothing, but it got worse, I kept thinking it was the anesthesia being too strong and taking a long time to wear off, but after I ended up in the emergency room, and they checked ...among other things....my thyroid levels ...they were shocked at how high a dose I was taking and it caused my body to do something like insulin dumping, because my insulin went WAY WAY up...long story short....it still has some affects that are left with me, ... mainly my balance...I AM NOT diabetic....but if you have ever had surgery, especially gall bladder, get your thyroid levels checked quick and every week until you are sure....the doctors apologized for not checking!!, as they said they usually do....anyway, the thyroid levels are critical...I pray you are getting your energy back...In His Care, sherry


such gentle colors. can't wait for this amazing class.

Cheryl Dolby

It's just beautiful. I may be joining your class if time permits.

Thanks so much for the great posts.

Janet Ghio

So gorgeous! Looking so forward to your class! Feel better!

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