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Thank you everyone!
Stephani, we have feeders, and we feed them 3 times a day. We do that so that the little birds don't have to compete with the bigger birds.

Stephani Gorman

Wow DJ! Do you have feeders set up in your garden so that you can capture these beautiful bird photos. My dad feeds his yard birds daily and it is amazing how many will show up!:)
Hope you are feeling better.:)


I am so sorry to hear that you have not been well...glad that you are feeling better.
Your bird photos are always amazing and Tulla is as lovely as ever.

Janet Ghio

Your bird photos aare spectacular, especially the purple finch!!


Would you look at the colours on our feathered friends. The beautiful reddish pink and royal blues...but Tulla takes the show every time! She has such character that comes through in your photos of her. Lov that dog!

Cynthia Schelzig

Beautiful bird shots...what color! Nice action shot of Mr. Energy too:)

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