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Kerry Svenson

Hi DJ, How lovely, both the peom and the photos. I love the way you think..I read a little saying once, not sure who wrote it though. It was that if you get close enough to a butterfly, to whisper your dreams to it and the butterfly will take it up to heaven and it will come true. I have sat in the garden at home and had a butterfly come this close....Yes I told it my dream and so far yes it has come true.....

Chrystie DeSmet

Wow! Beautiful photographs & poem! I love how you have them mixed together. It puts a whole new twist on poetry! Visual Poetry!

nelda ream

What beautiful photos! And a great reminder about thankfulness. Together they form a powerful message.

Coral Smith

Stunning photography and beautiful words!


Gorgeous shots! And my, what a proboscis on that skipper!!

Lynette (NZ)

I am so loving all the butterflies you are sharing with us :-)


Lovely photos, and lovely thoughts, its nice to think that some creature might envy us our muddy toes!

Sherry Green Peck

Beautiful, full of wonder, precious poem....great, great photos.....thank you for such beauty! sherry


DJ that was powerful, funny as I began to read my thoughts went the way yours did, because I found myself wondering if perhaps they envy us. Beautiful poem with a powerful underlying message. And those photos, oh my word they are fantastic!

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