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I appreciate your speculating as it arouses people’s concern today and lets this topic be discussable. We all know about it here..


Take it easy and rest... most important. YOur latest art pieces are so lovely.......

Carol P

Your health should always come first. Take care of yourself and know we all are praying for a speedy recovery.

Kerry Svenson

I'm also sorry to hear that you're not well.Take time to rest.I'll send a prayer for you also.

Elena Nosyreva

Take care of your health, DJ, this is the most important thing. Get well soon.



DJ, I'm so sorry to hear about your setback. Please take care. Keep teasing us with your beautiful work. Enjoy your fall as I enjoy our new fall sunshine. I may even miss a bit of fog and mist in the Willamette valley. Just know we are all rooting for you to feel better!!!


Your health is everything! Please be good to yourself, DJ. Sending positive energy and thoughts your way. xo

Bernie Abbott

Prayers and hugs dear DJ.Hope you are well again soon. Beautiful book as always and I am so glad you are painting faces again. I just love them.

Leilani Pierson

beautiful book, dj! and yes!! get well... no worries about us and your class... we'll be here when you're ready or not!! :) xoxo giant hugs and prayers...


My prayers are with you to get well! Your artwork is truly healing in itself!! So beautiful and inspiring!

Carolyn Warner

DJ, I too send prayers for your good health and fast healing. Glad you are taking care of yourself, and as so many have said, we are your fans, we'll stand by you and pray for you and wait for you.

Your faces are so beautiful and the birds and the lace....make my heart sing.


You're right: getting well is your first priority. We can wait for the classes and look forward to seeing what you create.
Deborah D

Kim Palmer

Hope this finds you feeling better DJ. Be well. We'll all be here for the class when you're feeling more up to it!


Ooh This can be pretty serious if you are not careful. Do you have Addison's? I have a good art buddy that has been battling this/Adrenaline failure/ for three or four years. She changed her diet - which helped tremendously, and rests when she she feels tired, plus has set down times. She is much improved from where she started. Makes art, etc. My thoughts, prayers and blessings are with you. Please take care of yourself first, then worry about everything else later.
I love the books you are working on. The textures and bird photographs are such a sweet marriage. They make me want to sing.


Take care of yourself ... you are right to put that as the top priority. Your "fans" will be here cheering you on.

Frances Robinson

I, too, am so sorry you are not feeling well, DJ. I pray you will know peace of heart as you recover strength. I'm so pleased to hear you will be opening your etsy store again. I will be a customer. Warm and tender thoughts from my heart to yours.

Christi C.

Health is everything...do whatever it takes to claim it. Everything else can wait. Very kind of you to let everyone know.

And brave. :>]]

mary helen fernandez stewart

I have lived with a lupus for over 20 years...remember to keep yourself rested...this is difficult to do as artists but I do attempt to maintain balance so I can make art. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


Hi D.J. I hope you are feeling better soon. I'm happy to see you are painting faces again. . . she is absolutely beautiful!
Take care - wishing you all things wonderful!


Hi again!
Just wanted to mention that kelp is good for thyroid support.
You can get tablets at health food store.



Get well soon!
Health first!

Mariette xox

Sherry Green Peck

Will be praying for you DJ to heal and mend....you are still an inspiration just looking at your blog photos and art.....we will be able to "drool" until you are well...my favorite scripture I pinned on my husbands hospital wall years ago when his antibodies were attacking his platelets and wouldn't stop....the doctors gave up....but I posted this next to his bed....PSALM 107:20..or 120:7? anyway...."He sent His Word and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions." God seems to use everything in our lives we go thru ...for our future hope....hang in there and take your time...you already have touched so many with your God given gifts....thank you and look forward to watching your blog...for a long time!! How is Tula?...what a great dog!


Be well. You have your priorities straight. We can wait.

Gloria Martin

Wishing you well.


So sorry to hear you're unwell. Get well soon.


your health comes first absolutely. get well. will look forward to the class in the future. take care.


I am in awe of the faces you paint. So beautiful! Please feel better soon!

Cheryl Dolby

Your book will be one I will be looking forward to seeing. It will be amazing if the cover is any indication.

It's no fun not feeling well and yet wanting to create.


So sorry you're not feeling well! I have hypothyroidism and it really can wipe you out until you get the right med going! Take good care and I'll be looking forward to your class at a later date...meanwhile, kits and tutorials sound perfect!!

Alisa R.

How can you go that long without painting a face?! She's beautiful, and I love the birds. All great work, as usual.
I hope you get well really quick!

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