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Ohhhhhhh yummy, now you have really inspired me. I wasn't sure what I was going to do today art wise and now I know it will be digital :)
Thank you for sharing D.J I learned so much from your workshop last January.


Thanks for sharing this DJ. Your pictures and art is so inspiring. I missed seeing you at Art & Soul this year.

Sharon Furner

The sun lit trees reflecting in the pond are so beautiful...what a gorgeous oil painting this photo image would make. It surely takes time to create these mini tutorials, thank you for doing this for your countless and devoted followers.

Bernie Abbott

DJ thank you! You are so generous sharing your talent with us and expecting nothing in return but our enthusiasum to want to soak up more.... I love your work and can't wait til you are well enough to share through the online workshops. Bernie in Oz

Clare W

Thank you that was an eye opener


Thank you for sharing the tutorial which was really easy to follow. Your images are simply stunning.


Thank you so much for sharing your pictures.Your work is inspiring.


Wow thanks DJ. You make it look so easy. Gorgeous pics as ever!


Oh thanks so much for the photoshop info. Your altered images look great. I didn't know about the shared stuff on flicker, good to know.

Laura Locke

Thank you for the tips. I love to play in photoshop and am always looking for new techniques to try.

Dede Warren

Thanks for sharing this... how kind of you. I have Photoshop, and know there are loads of you that teach these programs, but sometimes just these little bits of help are all I really want!


I will try using your textures/frames - thank you DJ, your photos are so beautiful both before and after!


Those are just beautiful! Thank you for the tutorial, the textures and the inspiration!


Hi DJ, Your pictures are fabulous. Love the textures you've added. I'm off to try them out. Thanks bunches.


Wow...thanks so much for sharing this information and textures! Your work is so inspiring!

Cheryl Dolby

It is so wonderful of you to share the process of converting the pictures. Thanks so much.

Caryl Park

Oh DJ, that was an absolute treat, thank you for sharing. I have also been working on some pictures like this but it is always such a joy to see yours. I miss our classes. Don't forget to count me in on the next one.

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