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My dearest DJ, I am so THANKFUL TO GOD, that he has allowed me to know you in my lifetime. Your art is breath-taking, everytime. It could be the colors, It could be your photos, It could be the way you bring both together. And then again, I believe IT IS YOU ! Thank you so much for sharing! Happy Thanksgiving my friend ! XOXO


Hi DJ, I was try to use the email for you or Sue to get more info on the Jacksonville class but I am unable to contact you this way. Can you send me an email to my comment address? Thank you! Jessica W.-JessiVille


DJ, I have admired your work for a while now and I'm excited that you will be teaching in Jacksonville! Now that I live in Oregon I'm hoping I will be able to attend one of your classes. Yay! Have a wonderful thanksgiving.


DJ, I'm so happy you are feeling better. And thank you for sharing your art so generously.


Oh these are just wonderfully stunning!!! I love them!!! What a wonderful workshop it must be!!!


Ho God, Am I thrilled!! Can`t wait for the online classes, this option is great for those of us who can`t travel so far for one in person! I so much would love to make a special book like yours! Blessings and happy thanks giving! Moni.

Peggy Schenkels

Thank you for sharing, they are stunning!
xxx Peggy


whoohoo, so glad your feeling so much better!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Cynthia Schelzig

Good that you are feeling better and I know lots of people are interested in on line classes!! Thanks for the free use of backgrounds.

Janet Ghio

I'm so happy you will still be doing the online class. Just can't do Oregon in january!!

Marty Mason

I too and happy you are feeling better. I love your textures and enjoyed using "painted and stitched" on one of my recent pictures...posted on my photography blog - reflections unfurling.

peggy mcdevitt

Happy days, your feeling well, I'm so thrilled that you will be teaching online classes again. Take care of yourself, your art is breathtaking.

Lois Reynolds Mead

Thank you for your generosity. I am glad there will be more online classes!

wanda miller

i am so so glad you are feeling up to par, dj. and very excited about on line classes with you.
annnd...i had a very good laugh when i went to check your teaching schedule...there is an awful pic of carolyn with a disgusted look on her face...i was laughing so hard i could barely send it to her...she and i already had a previous laugh over this particular photo, wondering why in the world...ew, such a face, such a face...i love that face! xoxo


Hi DJ,
I'm so glad you are feeling better and am so happy and inspired to hear you are still going to offer on-line classes. Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful pieces with us. Each and every one is beautiful. As is my own DJ book that I look at and touch every single day. Wishing you and your family a good Thanksgiving holiday. Barb

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