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Marrianna Dougherty

I used to have a regular 35mm SLR and did these kinds of pictures a lot. That's BEFORE PhotoShop. Thank you for giving me a nudge to do more playing with my cameras. I purchased a mini-Nikon Coolpix S70 that doesn't do all the fancy stuff but my big SLR, not a Nikon but I'm having a senior moment, will do this. Oh, boy, can't wait to get back to Flagstaff and play. Yeah! Thank you, DJ.


DJ, these are beautiful! I love them every one. I will check out the tutorial. Thank you for sharing.

nancy donaldson

very cool!!
you might like pete eckert,
blind photographer who uses the same technique

Caryl Park

Thanks for sharing DJ.

Karen Dorcas

What absolute fun and amazing photos; thanks so much for sharing. Incredible camera work. LOL -- did you ever get to the relaxing movie???

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