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Elizabeth Woodford

This journal is so rich and lush one can almost feel the velvet - wish I could touch it for real!!! This is just exquisite Dj!!!

Tammy M

Ahhh! your stuff always blows me away DJ. So stunning! I never would have thought to make your vintage santa into a journal cover! Its so beautiful!!! If I ever can get out of the frozen north of Canada I am going to take a class with you!! :o) God bless and a verry merry christmas to you !

debra cooper

Wow, what an amazingly rich and elegant journal! It is so hard to look without touching--but thank you for letting us look anyway!


Absolutely beautiful! What type of paper do you use that holds up to stitching? Do you have a tutorial on your binding technique?


I love that you allow us to click on your photos and get "up close and personal" with all your lovely stitching, colors, and texture. I'm also thrilled to see you've added some of your "home cooked" goodness here too. I hope your holiday season is very bright and merry!!! Jan
p.s.... it's time for a Tulla fix, me thinks. ;)

Cheryl Dolby

I like your fused technique. The entire journal is gorgeous...as usual!

Debi Minter

DJ this journal is just gorgeous! I love the rich warm colors.

;~) Debi


This journal is beautiful! I love it!




Sox, when you look close, it's not that steady. Paper is the most difficult surface to free motion on. It can tear the paper up very quickly! I just hold my breath and pray!


Lorri, your dyeing skills rock! I hope we can dye together again one day!
Gina, it's ready to journal on or add photos or whatever the owner wishes to add. Someone is considering it, and depending on whether it's right for her or not, it will then go in my etsy shop.
Corinne, you are so sweet. I can't wait for class!


Love the wonderful colors. And that free motion stitching is great. You must have a steady hand....
Awesome work, as always.

Lorri Scott

Very sweet journal book DJ, and you know I noticed that velvet. You had so much fun dyeing and painting away!!

Gina Deen

That is absolutely beautiful. Is this for someone else to use or do you sell it as is??


Stunning, as always- so pretty and warm...love your page stitchery. :))

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