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Thanks DJ and Diana for the info on Lana. I'll check out her website. Now that you told me, she totally looks like Jesse Reno's girlfriend. What a cute couple!

Diana B

The young lady with the pink and black hair and the tattoos is named Lana (sorry, I don't know her last name) and you can see her things at crudethings.etsy.com and crudethings.com. She really is the nicest young lady, too!


Thanks Lorrie! I thought about that, but then I laughed because I really just know the basics, and am a beginner myself. I'm looking forward to some sunshine so I can get out with my camera and learn more about light and exposure.


isn't she adorable Barbara? I don't know her name, but she's Jesse Reno's girlfriend. She was really sweet and did give me permission to post her photo, so I'm sure she wouldn't mind that I give out this bit of info.


The classes all look divine! Please tell me, who is the adorable girl with the half black/half red hair and the tattoos? With her permission of course. She is too cute for words. No, I am not a stalker.. I just want to know if she has a blog. I loved the pieces she was making.


ur photos look like little slices of nature heaven & i'm soo glad, but sooo jealous u went on an art adventure w jesse reno!

Riki Schumacher

The pictures are just spectacular DJ, and the classes look amazing. I can't wait to take a class from you one day! Riki

Deryn Mentock

DJ, your photos are more spectacular every time you post them. I'm so glad you had a great time. I can only imagine how happy your students were!


Fabulous, fun photos - ALL of them.
Thank you.

lorrie spotts

What fun we all had! I love your pictures...they seriously knock me over with their beauty. You should suggest a photo class to Cindy, I would take it! Well, I might have to invest in your kind of camera...could be expensive!! ;)

Lorrie Spotts (the one Lorrie that didn't take Nina's class)

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