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lisa shaw

This is so wonderfully beautiful!


Hi D.J.!
Wishing you a wonderful Italian adventure! I agree with Celeste...San Gimignano is REALLY worth a visit. Siena is remarkable too. You will love it...Venice, well, there is only ONE Venice, and it is spectacular. And the island of Burano...an artist's paradise!!!

Buon Viaggio!
Be safe and enjoy!



Thank you everyone for such sweet words, and for the Italy tips. I haven't had time to check anything out yet, but I look forward to some research time before leaving. Your thoughts and comments are so appreciated.

Marty, I'll see you soon!

Elizabeth, I'll have lots of photos to post when I get back. I purchased two weeks of international calling and internet so I can hopefully post photos from my phone while there. I don't know if I'll be near towers or wifi, so we'll see. Mostly I wanted the gps on my phone in case I get lost wandering!

Lucy, I'm so looking forward to seeing all my sweet ausie friends again in 2012!

Jacqui and Lisa, I'm still planning on it. I sound like a broken record don't I. I'm finally getting well again- after another relapse and more medication changes. I've been battling this stuff for 8 months now, and I'm so ready to be well.

Kecia and Sally, YES YES! Wouldn't that be wonderful!

Laurie, I want to see that finished book!

Yvette, thank you for the link! I look forward to checking it out.

Rachel R

Truly one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen...just marvelous!

Sally Turlington

What a wonderful book, DJ. I long to see and turn through one of your unique and artful books again. Would love to see you again, too. Wish I were joining you in Italy. That trip is on my bucket list. Have a grand visit and terrific workshop.


This post is printed out & hangs in my studio. I hope one day to take a workshop from you but until then I use your blog as a place to come for my daily dose of beauty & inspiration. I hope you will consider an online class soon. Thanks for sharing with us.


Hi there..stumbled across your blog..pity I'm not home to join in the workshop, I know I would have enjoyed it. Home is Treviso - Italy. I've lived there for 11 years...Feel free to look in my travel page for a quick glimpse of my little Italy on my blog http://yvettesblogs.com/ Treviso is a beautiful spot about 20 minutes from Venice on the Udine train line..if you have time I think you'll love it! Have a wonderful time in Italy! yvette@twistedvines.

laurie May

aaaah. every time you show one of your books. I pull mine out and add a little more to it. some day it may get done..but then again, I so love the process. Your latest book is beautiful


I love the book- so beautiful! i must find a way to get to Italy or Australia!



Michele Unger

Your book is beautiful and I yearn to be able to hold it in my hands and slowly turn the pages, one by one. I'm sure it feels as lovely as it looks. Your students are truly in for a real treat! Wish I could be there.

folk heart

Bravo !


It's beautiful - hope you enjoy your trip - any more thoughts on an online class???

Cheryl Dolby

What a precious book!

Celeste Santin

Love your book DJ.
Try and include San Gimignano near Siena.I loved it more than Siena last year. Also when in Venice, set out early as possible in the morning (check Vaporetto timetable) and go to the island of Murano first known for their glass (Pandora beads too) and then from there catch the Vaporetto to Burano early afternoon to see the laceworks. Both islands are lovley and should not be missed and can be done in one day. Have been there twice in past 3 years and yearn to go back so lucky you. Orvieto is amongst my favourite villages though its all so wonderful in Italy. We brought home lovely painted plates from Orvieto and painted house numbers too.

Karen Owen

This book is gorgeous. It looks very Italian, so it's perfect. I loved everything in Italy - you can't go wrong. Only if you go to Cinque Terre, don't do it in one day. So many tourist buses bringing in lots of people for short visits. I think if I go back, I'd like to stay overnight when the crowds are gone.

Lucy Leatham

Can't wait till 2012 when you are back in Australia.
Do go to Venice, it is the most fascinating place to visit.
You will take so many photos there, an opportunity around every corner!
Hugs Lucy

Elizabeth Woodford

I so wish that I could crawl in your pocket!!!! I can't wait to read your blog posts!!! SOMEDAY!!!!

Izzy Herriette & Co/Ginger Renken

Enjoy Italy!!

Izzy Herriette & Co/Ginger Renken

Love your work! Beautiful.

Marty Mason

This is beautiful....can't wait!

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