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Thank you for the vicarious trip to Umbria! Your photography is fabulous.

Lynette (NZ)

Such beautiful photos. Italy is on my bucket list. If I'm really lucky you'll still be doing book courses there (in at least 10 years?!!!!) Happy weekend


all i can say, is "just lovely". thanks for sharing what you saw. honestly, i think people watching and observing the behind the scenes is usually a lot more interesting then the typical touristy stuff.


Renee Troy

Your photos and post about your experience has inspired me to shoot for the moon, Italy, next year. Thank you for sharing. Can't wait!


You captured Orvieto so beautifully! What a lovely lovely place! Thank you so much for showing us the beauty through your creative and inspiring photographs!


Breathtaking photos is right! Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I enjoy your art and blog.


Oh,WOW! Beautiful!

Elizabeth Woodford

Your photos are stunning!!! It seems that loosing the luggage was a good thing as it kept you in orvieto!! What an amazing place seen thru your wonderful eyes!!! Love the late afternoon light but in a foreign country it seems so much more brilliant!!!
thank you for sharing!!!
I would love to join you in 2012- perhaps winning the lottey is in order!!! LOL!!r

joanne thieme huffman

Beautiful photos. You have such a good eye for capturing a moment and a feeling. Thanks for sharing.


Couldn't wait to see your photos. They are so exquisite I can't believe it! Thank you for sharing a beautiful experience with us.


WOW... all I can say... it's so beautiful... Do you know what kind of bird was that in your picture?? Your photo are so amazing.. I can't wait to see more...


Kimberly Jones

Looks absolutely incredible! I can't wait to see more!


You're so right about the advantages of staying in one place for a length of time so you can experience the place and its people in depth... much more satisfying, and it makes memories that last. A friend once spent a month in a small Italian town doing her own residency and making art the whole time. The townspeople adopted her as their own and gave her a party at the end of her stay. The Italians cherish art and artists in a way that we don't.

Margaret Applin


Can't wait for pictures from your workshop!


Absolutely wonderful photos, the next best thing to being there.....thank you.

Christy Grant

Simply breathtaking! Thank you for the wonderful tour.


beautiful photos DJ!

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