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RH West

I love the top image, really beautiful! Your work is amazing, I enjoy visiting your blog :)

Lana Kloch

omg! so awesome..have signed up for your feb 2012 class. am so entranced by your magic

sandy Mayfield

Gorgeous book. I would love to hold one in my hands.

Carol P

What wonderful pictures and artwork! Congratulations Marla on winning the book. I know that it will have a wonderful home DJ and Marla will treasure it! What a great prize.

Vicki in Michigan

LOVE that capture of the greeny-yellow bug on the dandelion!



joanne thieme huffman

Beautiful pictures! Now, I'm off to check out the blog.

Cynthia Schelzig

Gorgeous book! Yes, Artsee blogger looks like it off to a good start....a nice directory to find other artists for sure!


Your work is so beautiful - I loved having my name on the same page with it! Thanks for mentioning artsee bloggers - the response has been wonderful - over 1100 hits today! Wow!


Your books are incredible, dj. Sometime I'd like to see what a personal book that you've written in looks like. They're almost too beautiful to consider writing in, at least with my scrawl.

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