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So beautiful!!! I so want to take one of your classes!

Lesley V.

peggy gatto

I just saw the tie trees!!!!
Wonderful, brilliant idea!!!


Oh my dear...I LOVE your workshops and I LOVE the tie tree. So whimsical, and that is what I want in my life now.

A pocketful of joys to you,

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

P.S. The happiness on each face tells it all.


Hello Linda! I would LOVE to see you again if you can come in September! The workshop is in Jacksonville, September 23-25. You can see a description here: http://www.djpettitt.com/jvilleSept2011.html
Let me know if you have any questions!

P.S. you don't have to know how to paint!


p.s. I have heard about the tie tree, but how fun to actually see it in your great pictures!


DJ you have done it again! Your students work is so wonderful. I saw Corrine's book and it is stunning as well. Where will you be teaching this in September and when in Sept? I would love to drive down and take this class from you, even if I can't paint! :-)


Gorgeous art~ I want to live next door, you look like the kind of friend I need in my life~

Love it all and would love to find a way to take a class. xo Junelle


lovely artwork DJ... and your journey sounded great... looking forwards to ours next year :-)

Glenda Laing

Love the ties DJ. And I am going to do a class with you next year Down under, maybe we could find a Tied Tree for you here :-)


This was such a fun post to read! Love how delighted your students look and the neckties in the tree are wonderful. Years ago my mother had a willow tree in her backyard that she had all sorts of things tied in and it reminded me of her. Thank you for the fun!


Would love to take a road trip and take your Sept. class, but I've signed up for your class at An Artful Journey. Can one get too much DJ Pettit?!!!!!

Renee Troy

I'm glad your class was fulfilling. The student work looks amazing. I'd love to take a class with you one of these days. I'm such a fan...you're a wonderfully talented artist and fabulous photographer.
Love the ties!

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