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Lovely photos!
Thanks for sharing ;-)


DJ, your photos, like your art, always takes my breath away. Those pelicans have my heart! Best wishes on your licensing venture--


YOU just grabbed my heart and soul with ALL of these, this early morn, dj! thank you xo

gina armfield

AMAZING PHOTOS and of my favorite birds no less!

Mary K McGraw

gorgeous photos!!


Beautiful as always! Keep blogging, I miss it when you don't post.

joanne thieme huffman

What a delightful catch up! Beautiful photos. Good luck with the licensing thing (well deserved).

Carol P

Always so grateful that you share your photos with us as they are so beautiful. I have missed seeing them. My friend Marla was up a couple of weekends ago and showed me the book she won from you and it is gorgeous. Wish you were teaching some classes in Indiana. Love your work and thanks for sharing your summer memories.


HAve been missing yo, DJ!! your photos are stunning as always!!!


your photos are incredible as usual!! just breathtaking!

good luck with your project...it will be fun to see what it is!!

Debi Minter

Wow, the photos you take are breathtaking! I'm so happy you've had such a lovely summer filled with magical memories! I can't wait to hear more about your new venture.

xx ;-) Debi


You have had a stellar summer, creatively and memory making. Love art with Grandkids. Fantastic photos and art as always.


Oh DJ ... I'm so glad to see a post here today. I think of you almost every day when I walk Max down to and around the little park lake two blocks away. I picked up a couple feathers (one is pretty big) that I think are from the resident Great Blue Heron and several white ones that must be from either the Great White Egret or one of the Snowy Egrets. And mallard feathers ... with blue! One day I saw a baby Green Heron! He still had that fluffy fuzz on the top of his head. And Mom and Pop were in a nearby tree keeping watch. So much fun!

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