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history dissertation structure

Front cover comprises a painted and collaged snap


It's awesome, I like it!

Elizabeth Woodford

Oh My Goodness!!! Not sure how I missed this post- but so glad that I found it now!!! I object to your calling this crazy quilting Faux!! It is just updated, current and so you!!! DOn't put it down!!!! I love it- simply Luscious!!!!!

suzy quaife

This journal is just awesome. Love it all!
The crazier the better to my eyes! The covers are so beautiful, in fact, inside and out!

Elizabeth Woodford

Words just fail me!!! SWOOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just because you have raw edges does not make the crazy quilting FAUX!!!!! It is to die for and there is nothing fake about how wonderful and beautiful it is!!!! (Guess that words don't fail!!)))) Oh My goodness Dj !!!Incredible!!!!!

Margaret Applin

Ohhhh, sooo beautiful as always!!! Are you close to finishing your on-line workshop??? I want to take oneof your bookmaking classes!!


oh how DELICIOUS and INSPIRING and so DJ! i want to run my fingers over all of these, and paint and sketch and dream on EVERY page. my senses are PIQUED and ready for action! thank you ALWAYS for all YOUR SHARING, and SHARING and SHARING. XOXO


What an awesome journal! It looks amazing!
I love the last page in your post...the one with the little bird peeking out. It's so sweet!


Thanks Jan! It's all acrylic. Just add water!


YUMMY!!! Are you using acrylics or watercolors for those delicious runny effects?

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