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Stephanie Bolton

what an extraordinary rabbit trail! I got an Email from Stampington, noticed your artwork and looked you up online to see more artwork... only to find photos of Madre Giovanna & Suor Franca!!!! I used to live in that convent! My heart melted! I miss Orvieto so much! I'm was so happy to see their faces. Thank you so much for bringing joy to my day!


Please do an online ws for us working slobs.....


Your workshop looks wonderful. I´m so in love with your journals - which I was able to join the class - maybe some day...

Kristin Steiner

Italy is waiting for you with an open heart! Something incredible always happens in beautiful Orvieto. Being surrounded by ancient inspiration profoundly affects the creative spirit. How lucky we are to have you return, DJ to lead your students in a week of artful adventures. We warmly welcome those who'd love to join you!


Oh my...such goodness!!!!

Abby Lazar

Oooh DJ...such wonderful memories of Orvieto and our workshop together...more fun than anyone should be allowed to have!! Wish I could join you again this year...next year for sure...I hope you'll be back for NEXT year as well!! Give Mama Giovanna a kiss and hug for me, too...as well as Kristin and Bill!! So many of your photos made me smile...I can remember where you took them...some of them, with me! They're all beautiful.

Hope your return to Orvieto is as wonderful (if not better) than the first time!

Much love,

lorraine lewis

LOVE*LOVE*LOVE* you are amazing!


oh how I fell in love with your photos!! I would so love to join you and learn how to paint on photos!!! Please keep sharing.


I love your photographs.beautiful

Riki Schumacher

Wow, what an amazing trip and workshop ahead. A dream come true, enjoy DJ. Riki


oh you beautiful person....YOU! XOXO

Joanne Thieme Huffman

It sounds and looks absolutely magical.

Glenda Laing

Looks like another fabulous trip coming up for you DJ. Enjoy.

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