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I'm a little late, but welcome to Washington. :) I live in Puyallup and have stepchildren in Walla Walla.

I was just swooning over your journals and pictures of Venice as well. I was able to spend a few hours in Venice (but I was sick), so I really hope to go back someday.

I'm glad I found your blog and all of the inspiration!!

Pamela Priday

Great to see you back! What a comeback - fantastic studio and dreamy photos. Can you add me to your newsletter list please? And if you are coming to Australia, let me know, we may be able to help you with a workshop or two.


LOL....make ME swoon......


Your studio....oh my...LOVE it! And the the colors in your pics from Italy absolutely make mr SWOON!

Becca Smith

It's wonderful to see you back DJ! I've since moved from Las Vegas to Kirkland, Washington since you last posted! LOL Love it up here. Your art is always so inspiring, and your new studio is a dream! Look forward to seeing more soon. Take care


Lovely to see you back here! You're an awesome artist and your work is so inspirational. Good luck with your new journey. I'm looking forward to taking a class with you some time.


Magnificent studio. Mine's pretty big but yours is custom built and just perfect.

Would love an online class since I'll never get to one of the big gatherings.

Your crows are just great.


So glad you are back and enjoying a new studio. I missed you! ... Big hug from far, far away, down here in South America.

jan b.

I am Soooo happy to see a blog post. It's good to hear that you are happy in your new surroundings. I hope that we will meet again some day. And ... I am enjoying the quail here!


gorgeous images... love the book, new art room and Venice looks amazing....

looking forward to see and joining in your online class.. can't believe its over a year since you were here.....can't wait for our next photo safari :-)

Paula Haynes

Oh that class looks like so much fun. Wish I lived closer and could have done this.


Drooling over your studio! Just lovely and so much room! Glad you are back!

Joanne Thieme Huffman

Good to see you blogging again. LOVE the pictures of your studio, such a wonderful place to work in! As always, I love seeing your pieces; the journal cover is beautiful and the the bag looks great. Wishing you all the best in your new home.


Amazing room, amazing pictures, amazing lady.
Hope the next few years are better than the last.

Margaret Garrood

Lovely to have you back! Your workroom looks amazing. Can't wait for the online class!


Fabulous art room!
Isn't Venice the most amazing place, I "must" go back!
Hugs Lucy

Sherry Green Peck

So excited you are back at it and I hope to take an online class from you!! I know about how life happens as we too have had over a year of downsizing....still at it, but gleaning the goodies to put in my stash for a class....LOVE your new studio .....it is so organized and I am still trying to figure my garage renovation to studio out...it will gel I am sure. Blessings to you and "hope" for a year of joy, healing, peace and creativity .... all to His Glory!

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