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Anxiously awaiting your on line workshop. I've just gone through your blog and I am in awe of both your journals and your photography. I too love crows and the incredible statuary found in old cemeteries. Your journals feature so many techniques that I would love to explore, but sadly can't afford to travel so far for a workshop. Please try to find the time to create your on line workshop!
Anxiously awaiting.........Angie G

Michele Unger

What a stunningly beautiful book! I love your use of bird images in fresh ways. Thank you for sharing.


Just saw pictures of you in your class at Donna Downey's Studios... so nice to "meet" you! :) If only I could wiggle my nose and just instantly get there to share the fun... Please, please, please DJ when will you offer online classes for us poor creatures that can't afford to cross continents and oceans to learn with you??? lol Can you tell I am almost begging? I am!

Jeanne Kelly

Wow! Those birds are magical !!

Sherri Sinclair

Your books are beautiful works of art.

Vicki Barton

This book is amazing! Your bird is so full of curiosity and looking for adventure. The colors and textures are fabulous too. In one word "seductive" Vicki Barton


Such a beautiful book. It's inspired me to start a new project. Take pictures of all the birds in our neighbourhood and make some sort of journal about them.

Deb B

Lovely!!! Waiting ever so patiently for the on line class! I hope, hope, hope!?


SO excited that I will get to see these in person next week in class! Squeeee :D I'm really looking forward to the workshop, your work has a stunning beauty to it, just amazing!
See you next week, Juanita



jan b.

Fabulous ... Love the crows!

Nancy Wethington

WOW. WOW. and WOW!


Your books are so amazing.




Will I ever be able to do something so beautiful like this? And, when finished, will I have the courage to put words in it, in fear to not stand up to the beauty of the pages? Sigh....

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