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Jan Lynch

That is sooo beautiful, you've inspired me to get back to creating!
Thank you


This is amazing... I love the stitched lines, the suggestive words, and the washes of color... Nice!


Thank you everyone!
Tymeko, Unfortunately it has sold, but from the interest I've had in it, I think I may make another one similar. I can't make any two alike, but I could use it as inspiration.
Thanks again!

Tymeko Reyez

I LOVE this book, it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Is there any way I can purchase this? Please let me know :-)


Your work is so amazing, totally takes my breath away! I don't think I even can praise you enough for your work! :-)

Maggie Lynne Sorgen

I would LOVE to attend your workshop/retreat in the Santa Cruz mountains, but my daughter is having major surgery and will have a long recuperation time. She has two toddlers so I will be quite busy! Thank you for the beautiful creations you put forth in the world. I love crows and your renderings are stunning! May you continue to heal.
Peace, Lynne Sorgen


The book is beautiful DJ.....so glad your felling well again and creating....

Deb B

Hello, I'm happy to find you back at your blog! I'm sorry to hear of your illness but glad for you that you are feeling better. Your beautiful work is always such an inspiration for me. Your work is always brimming with vitality and joy. I hope one day to be able to attend a workshop! Oh my, that would be fun! Best wishes to you.


Thanks Pat! Hope to see you in North Carolina next year!

Jan, I'll do a photo shoot of Tulla soon! It's really cold and windy here, plus I haven't felt well, so we don't go on many walks and I haven't taken many photos. We'll resume in the winter since the wind doesn't blow so much then.

Margarita, it's in Lake Worth, Florida in April, 2014. There's a link on the side bar that will take you to the store site. Hope to see you there!


Hi D.J.:

I'm so glad that you are o.k. again. where in Florida you are going to teach a class.
I will Love to have a class whit you.

Pat Healey

What a treat to see you back on your blog - you have been missed. Your new work is awesome. It's beautiful and peaceful and a gift for our eyes. Take good care of yourself. I hope to meet you again in NC next year.

jan b.

You've been missed. Sorry to hear that you haven't been well and hope you're healthy again soon. This lovely journal is evidence that your creativity is strong as ever. I hope there will be more eye candy forthcoming. Oh, and how about a pic of Tulla?!

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