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pat q

love all your incredible photos. Thank you for sharing.


Absolutely amazing bird photos...breathtaking!!
The class ladies are adorable...all of their journals are very beautiful...looks like such great fun!!

Cindy P

I love your bird photographs, they are exquisite!
What kind of camera and lense(s) do you use?


Ahhhh, I had no idea you came that close to give a class....Lake Worth.... and I missed it =(


Thank YOU for a wonderful class - I learned so much and can't wait to fly solo and create another book. The three day class was like a spa weekend for me - loved it all. Your photography is truly amazing - hope you are inspired return to Florida soon.


fabulous photos... love the post....

joanne thieme huffman

The classes look delightful (I know how wonderful your classes are). The bird photos are beyond beautiful. I'm very happy to see you blogging again.


Love, love, love seeing all these photos - makes me want to go back and do it all over again!! Thanks again for a FABULOUS class and to Michelle and Nancy for all they did to make our time at ESS so special!!

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